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Website Analytics

Reporting website analytics is a critical component to growing your business

There is a spike in revenue, but we need to determine where the traffic came from. Otherwise, we will not be able to target that market again. Measuring, understanding, and retargeting is an effective way to regain the loss in traffic and obtain new customers. The Adoma Digital Marketing team will not supply your business with a list of graphs, charts, and tables, but instead, we aim to provide you with customized reports that include solutions to help your company improve its user experience, website traffic, and conversions. As well, we aim to provide you with practical solutions to not only retarget your existing customers but to obtain new customers. 

Manage Custom dashboards for website analytics

  • Google Analytics

  • Power BI 

Manage Custom dashboards for social media

  • Hootsuite

  • Custom Analytics solutions

Adoma Digital Marketing- Google Analytics dashboard
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